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We are a couple of smallholders living on a 13 acre smallholding in Fife Scotland. 


 We have been living a smallholder lifestyle for over 10 years and have learnt a lot of things along the way that we would like to share with you.  

Income from the smallholding

We say that our smallholding is a lifestyle choice because we do not make a living from it.  However we do sell some things that have been produced or have a link to the smallholding.   There are some opportunities to generate an income as a smallholder and we share what has worked for us. Currently we have a wide range of livestock (sheep, poultry, pigs), and pets that we blog about as well as enjoying the wonders of nature and the wildlife that can be found on our smallholding.  We are also trying to make craft items with things from the smallholding such as our willow or sheep fleece.  Why not check out our Folksy shop?

Green credentials

We cannot afford to be registered organic  but do try where possible to keep to these principles.  Unfortunately we can no longer afford to feed our livestock with purchased organic food, however where it is within our control on the smallholding then it is undertaken on a green and sustainable way.  For example, herbicides are not applied to grazing that is eaten by the sheep, pigs, or chickens.  We eat what we produce and provenance is important to us.

solar panels at fifesmallholder

We have also installed solar panels in 2011 and this has helped to reduce our consumption of power from non-sustainable sources.  We try where possible to  heat our accommodation from log burning stoves and supplement the purchased firewood with that taken from our woodland.

hawthorn logs gathered on smallholding for winter fuel

Smallholder lifestyle

As well as the more agricultural pursuits, bird watching is a favourite pastime and we enjoy the visiting swallows, buzzards, wood pecker, sparrow hawk, kestrel and a host of other seasonal birds who swoop in and eat our hawthorn berries in winter.   We also have a large garden, pond area, and wood. Thanks to our renewed interest in photography we are also building a bank of pictures on our gallery, flickr web page and Pinterest boards.  

Skills and experience

 The pasture, woodland, and rough grazing means that we have a developed a range of different smallholding uses in these areas as well as just enjoying what nature provides.  Information and advice is provided through our web pages and blog why not search through our topics page to see if there is anything of interest.

You can also contact through a range of social networks or use the contact button to your left. 

We hope to offer smallholder experience weekends in 2012, if you are interested please contact us for further details.

For those of you who are closer and would like to volunteer on the smallholding, please contact to discuss.


Our smallholding sits facing south on a hill north of Dunfermline, which offers good views across to Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh, the Forth Road Bridge, and much much more.  Our gallery contains some pictures from the smallholding and the views described above. If you like what you see, why not check out our flickr stream which is regularly updated.

Thanks for taking the time to read all about us.  

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