Oct 232012
The Cheering Blaze

They say that making up a fire is an art in itself and everyone finds what works for them eventually – I was always told that a fire should light with one match and generally I have found that to be so. Having got the fire to light sometimes it just doesn’t do and I am at a loss as to why.

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Oct 192012
Know Your Enemy - Vermin On The Smallholding

Winter time is likely to be the time when you start to suspect you have rats or mice (also known as rodents or vermin). It is cold and food supplies are less plentiful outside – this is often the time when rodents move into the house or buildings around the smallholding.

Oct 072012
Plants for bees

List of pollen and nectar rich plants for your garden, also working on pictures of flowers as well as information such as what the honey tastes and looks like. Information about insects, pollinators and other related detail.

Sep 212012
Caution may contain nuts!

The hazel – a good smallholder tree that also produces the hazelnut Hazel trees are part of the genus Corylus which includes nearly 20 different specimens, and most types also yield delicious nuts that can be eaten raw or cooked […]

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