Fife Smallholder produces a range of goods from the livestock and plants that are linked to the smallholding.  

  We intend to develop the things we produce over the coming year, but in the meantime here is a list of our products:


blue white green eggs for sale

free range Class A coloured eggs

Available directly to customers.  (white, brown, blue – double yolkers if you are lucky!).  A unique product for local B&Bs.  

chick hatching out of free range fertilised egg fertilised eggs

 Available for hatching (broody or incubator) during peak breeding season March – August  (white silkie, leghorn -large white egg layer, hybrid brown/cream/green egg layers, Cream Crested Legbar blue egg). We can post the eggs out but it is better to collect as this will improve your hatchability (eggs are fresher, and stay in the fridge until you collect).  

Chicken & Poultry

 table meat chicken and turkey

 Seasonal produce.  We raise free range table chickens throughout the year, as well as free range turkeys for thanksgiving and Christmas.  When we say ‘free range’ we mean that they are let out of their house in the morning and allowed to go where they want in our 3 acre grass field and 10 acre woodland.


lambs for sale in fife starter flocks of sheep 

Looking for a few female sheep to graze that small paddock, or as companions for your horse? Bottle fed lambs are sometimes available.

  • coloured sheep with fine soft fleece for spinning, felting or making rugs

    We run a flock of mixed non-registered sheep, the combination produces a range of colours (brown, white, mixed) and soft fleeces that are pleasing on the eye and useful for spinning and crafts etc.  I make rugs and felting from the fleeces. The primitive genes (herdwick, shetland, ryeland crosses) give them hardiness and the commercial genes (suffolk, mules, texels) give them weight and docility – many are double muscled on the rear legs from the Beltex tup (should you want meat for the freezer at the end of the summer).

  •  mutton & lamb 

              (contact us to discuss)  click here for general information about meat from sheep  sheep fleece

sheep wool and fleece

A range of coloured and white fleece suitable for felting, spinning and craft work.  You could even make your own coffin! Can be provided in a raw state, carded, washed or unwashed.   The softest fleece is from our shetlands and the toughest wool comes from our herdwicks.  Check out our hand woven cushions for sale on folksy.

  • Sheep manure 

contains more nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash than both horse and cow manure.  click here for more information

  • Rent-a-flock of sheep

only want sheep for a short period e.g. to eat weeds or reduce rich pasture in pony or horse paddocks.  Or use sheep to clean up horse grazing that has a significant worm burden. Weekly rates available.

Plants & Flowers


 local bee friendly plants and flowers for sale

 (pulmonaria, willow)

romantic willow bower for garden seat willow cutting/whip/set for sale

Willow (both basketry and superwillow) available for sale.  Ideal for a quick growing screen or wind break,  flexible enough to shape into a fedge or living structure. Cuttings useful to make into wattle fence panels. Coloured stems are good for weaving into baskets or wreaths etc.  Check out my web page with lots of pics and ideas on things to make with willow.  Fast growing, garden structuresweaving, bee fodderfirewood.

  • bamboo 

Florist/cut flowers

coloured willow wreathwinter coloured willow stems for sale

(red, yellow, green, black) from November to April

Festive Table Decoration coloured evergreen foliage for sale

e.g. holly (variegated yellow, viburnum, yellow and green privet, ecalyptus, leylandii).

Coloured winter stemsDogwood stems for sale 

Arts and crafts

coloured willow stems 

specialist willows for baskets and weaving

wool fleece cushionsheep fleece or wool

suitable for felting, spinning, and rug making.  Check out our folksy page for sheep based products for sale.  Items currently listed include hand woven cushions.

needle felt ballneedle felted woollen balls 

made from the fleece from our sheep.  Why not buy some to make artisan felted ball necklaces like the ones in this link.  Every ball is unique and hand made here at fifesmallholder.

Garden manure & fertiliser

for liquid manure and compost (collection only)

  • wilted nettles

  • comfrey leaves

Insects & pollinators

  • bee friendly plants and flowers 


beeswaxbeeswax for sale

             why not make some hand lotions, soaps, or candles

himalyan balsam honey in jarlocal Fife honey for sale


  • fresh bay leaves grown on smallholding 
  • fresh thyme
  • fresh apple mint

Fife Diet

We support Fife Diet and can provide a range of ingredients to help you make it through the night.

  • mutton & lamb (contact us to discuss)  click here for general information about meat from sheep 
  •  table meat chicken and turkey (seasonal)
  • free range Class A coloured eggs (white, brown, blue – double yolkers if you are lucky!)
  • fresh bay leaves grown on smallholding
  • herbal tea (mint, sage)
  • jam (blackcurrant or chutney)
  • nettles (frozen or wilted) great for soups and pesto
  • seasonal fruit and veg grown on smallholding (blackcurrants, grapes, tomatoes, figs, hazelnuts)

Forage/wild food

beech nut casingsbeech mast 

  • wild raspberries
  • wild strawberries

Blackberrywild brambles or blackberries as you sassenachs call them.

  • mushrooms
  • common sorrell

green hazel nuthazelnuts


Puppy or puppies 

labrador puppy picturepedigree labrador pups for sale

(none at present) check out this page for details of other breeders.

Check out our relevant pages under the Topic heading at the top of this page for a background and pictures.  Check out our posts under the relevant category for musings on a range of relevant themes.

  As a smallholder we are very proud of our home grown free range chickens.  

Orders being taken now for pullets, point of lay, and  laying hybrid hens or leghorns.


starter sheep flock

starter sheep flock


Male Turkey

Contact us for details.


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