Quality free range laying chickens for smallholdings, gardens and allotments.

Keeping a few chickens has always been a popular smallholder pastime.  With today’s increased awareness of the benefits of buying local, reducing food miles and knowing where our food comes from, poultry keeping is becoming popular with many more people.

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Where do hens come from?

Hens are descended from the Red Jungle Fowl, a small pheasant which comes from the forests of India.  

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Why keep chickens?

Chickens are easy to keep and can make great pets for children and adults alike, as well as supplying you with your very own free-range eggs. If you have not kept chickens before have a look at this webpage which raises some of the issues you need to consider.  We have a variety of chickens for sale (hybrid and specialist varieties such as leghorns and silkies).   So, whether you are an experienced poultry keeper or are keen to start a new hobby, we are sure to have something for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep Chickens?

It really depends on how much you want to spend.  I know people who keep a few hens that roost in a coal cellar at night on the back of a chair, and others whose chickens live in a bespoke Eglu.  Read more 

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 What Is A Hybrid Chicken ?

We have chosen hybrid pullets because we feel they are particularly suited to both domestic and free-range environments, small or large scale.  These colourful, hardy, hens also offer a variety of attractive breed types, plumage and coloured eggs.


Based on traditional utility poultry farmers favourites, including Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, French Marran and Italian Leghorn, the hens have been carefully selected to combine the stamina and reliability of modern hybrid hens with the attractive looks of traditional pure breeds plus the additional choices of coloured eggs.

To find out more about the eggs we sell direct click here.

Chickens for sale

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Check out this post on what chickens we have available for sale.

What Else Do I Need?

Besides hens, we can supply you with a hen house and other related items (start-up packages on request).  We have a range of fact sheets available and telephone support is available.  We will accept the poultry back within 28 days if they prove to be unsuitable.

If you want to come for a visit please contact us beforehand to check which hens we have available and to ensure that someone is able to meet you when you arrive. And, if you do intend to purchase, please don’t forget to bring something (a pet carrier or a cardboard box) in which to take your new hens home!

Code of recommendations for the welfare of Laying Hens

Hygiene and vermin control

Poor hygiene and rodent infestation can lead to disease and poor performance within your flock.  Check out this post for more details.


Frequently asked questions

“Chicken reluctant to go into their house/coop”

This may be due to the presence of red mite or the fact that the house is too hot  or humid.  Increase your ventilation,  and/or treat the house for red mite.

 “Why do my chickens eat their own eggs”

I normally find this happens when my chickens are low in oyster grit (gives them extra calcium).  Once they start it is difficult to make them stop.  Make sure that they have plenty of grit and lift eggs frequently.  If you know which hen it is that is eating the eggs you would be better to get rid of it.  I would also watch the hen shed in case it is not your chickens but a visiting crow or magpie that is helping itself.

 “Why are my eggs so small”

If it is a young chicken or pullet then these are probably their first or pullets eggs.  These eggs will get bigger in size as the hen gets more practice. If you have a breed like a silkie then that is the size of egg they lay.

“Why are there spots in my egg when cracked”

These are called meat spots and appear in eggs from old hens.  Some people, especially vegetarians might be concerned that this is the sign of a fertilised egg.  However if the eggs are stored in the correct manner (fridge) this should not happen.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to see you soon!  


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