puppy for sale at fife smallholder

Pups for Sale At Fife Smallholder

  *No pups for sale at present*

None at Weeshire Labradors – just now.

Click on this link to  Kennel Club assured labrador breeders in Fife.


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Labrador Retriever Breed Details

 Claimed to be the nations favourite breed of dog.  They have a sound temperament and are adaptable to various situations making for a faithful companion.  They make good working dogs (e.g. gundog). Their biddable and lovable nature means that they are a good choice for a first time owner and suitable as a family pet.


puppy picture

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Puppy Development (average)

  • Sight – eyes open (7-10 days old) can see (10-15 days old) sight as good as adult (28 days old) eyes are normally blue until they change to their true colour between 6-12 weeks old
  • Hearing – ear canals open (14 days old) hearing acute (35 days old)
  • Teeth and chewing – primary (milk) teeth through (14-21 days old), complete set milk teeth (8 weeks), adult teeth erupt (4-6 months), adult canine teeth all present (6-8 months)
  • Body twitching in sleep (0-28 days old)
  • Stand upright (21 days old) walk and run (28 days old)
  • Toilet training – puppies cannot control their bladder until at least 12 weeks old.
  • Puppy fur will be lost and a coarse topcoat will come in from about 4-5 months. It starts with waves on their back and then spreads. By 6 months they have a pretty complete coat that has continues to get thicker (corresponding with the weather getting colder). 

Puppy Blue Eyes

As you can see from the recent photos our pups have blue eyes – this picture was taken when they were 4 weeks old, they will not get their true eye colour until they are 6-12 weeks old.  

Crate/Indoor Kennel/Puppy Cave

Once weaned the puppies were introduced to a large crate or indoor kennel that they sleep and play in.  This sits within the puppy pen in our living area.  The pups are not closed in but have free access, and the crate contains their bedding and toys.  Doing this early on means that the pups get used to a crate and there should be less issues with a new owner using a crate in the puppy’s new home.  Check out this web page on using a crate and introducing a new pup to one.

Puppy Socialisation

The first 16 weeks of a pups life is the time to socialise it.  This is when you introduce it to as many things as possible. We begin this process when the pups hear and experience the normal noises of a household, and are using a socialisation CD from the Doglistener that will acclimatise the pups to noises in a way that will not alarm or frighten them.  Learning at this age is permanent so this is a perfect time to start training.

It is also the ideal time to introduce things that will play an important part in its life. The pups have experience a range of people including regular supervised contact with children.  When you take your new puppy home it should be handled gently and positively by different people especially children.

Once the pup is inoculated you should go to strange places, meet other animals, road noises, trains, buses, and the hustle and bustle of the outdoors. The pups will already have heard many everyday sounds.  But you can also introduce various sounds such as the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and lawn mower. All these new sounds should be introduced in a positive, non-threatening way.  

Whatever you do never comfort your puppy if it is startled, frightened, or nervous of any new sound or object.

This only acts to reinforce the fear,  making the situation far worse.

Toys For Your Pup

When awake the pups love to play with their litter mates and the toys we have provided for them.  Although a range of purchased toys are available that give them various experiences of touch, smell, noise, and texture, they favourite toys are boxes, toilet rolls, and carrots. Toys are good for many reasons including mental stimulation  – check out this link which gives more information on the subject.  A favourite toy will be included in the puppy pack, as well as a blanket with the smell of the mother and litter mates.

Milk Teeth

Like humans, dogs have two sets of teeth during their lifetime.  The first ‘milk’ teeth are very small and white and razor sharp and needle-like.  Puppies have fewer milk than adult teeth as they don’t have any molars.  At around 4 months old the baby teeth begin to fall out, to be replaced with a permanent adult set.  The roots are dissolved and reabsorbed into the jaws freeing the teeth from the gums so they become loose and drop out; they are usually swallowed. The first teeth to be shed are the incisors with the molars being the last to erupt.  Most adult dogs have 42 teeth.


When puppies are born they receive some natural protection from disease through their mothers milk (Bree has been vaccinated and regularly boosted). All pups were of equal size and got access to plenty of milk from the mother.  However this immunity is only temporary and does decline so it is important that you vaccinate your new pup very soon after you take it home.  It is important that your new pup gets both doses (with a 3 to 4 week gap in between), only after this can you consider your pup to have developed protection or immunity.  Do not allow contact with other dogs until then. Read this article about the importance of vaccination.

 KC Pedigree Details

Date Of Birth

2011 litter – born 6th October 2011 – 6 pups born (5 boys and 1 girl).  The girl was not sold and was kept as a family pet. 

Dam/Mum – KC Registered ‘Polmaise Bena’ (known as Bree).

5 generation pedigree available for inspection. Bree was bred at the Polmaise Kennel Scotland.

breeding bitch


Sire/Dad – KC Registered  ‘Helenstev Mark of Nuffield’ (known as Nero).

stud dog


4 generation pedigree available for inspection.  Nero was bred at Ridgeway Labradors Kennel, England. 

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