Aug 232011

A smallholder always loves free food.  

However, someone is enjoying eating the fungi in our wood and it’s not me. Perhaps it’s the hedgehog ………

nibbled mushroom

A wide range of animals are known to eat wild mushrooms – including badgers, deer, mice, pigs, rabbits and squirrels. Wild mushrooms are also eaten by slugs, snails and many insects.

“It is dangerous to assume that it is safe for humans to eat the same species that animals consume without any ill effects – deer and rabbits can eat poisonous fungi with impunity.”

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Aug 212011

Saving Species

Check out this  link  Hope for our bees, moths, and butterflies.  When I look round our smallholding I am heartened that all is not lost.  We have a range of wild flowers.

hare bell

hare bell on smallholding

Why not try collecting, drying and saving your own seeds?  Find out how from this link.


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