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wool fleece cushion

 hand woven wool cushion

Description of hand woven cushion

The front is made using fleece or wool from sheep reared on our Scottish smallholding.They are hand crafted in our farmhouse in Fife Scotland and have simple rustic qualities. Every cushion front is unique but also blend together, complimenting similar colour and texture themes. The sheep wool or fleece is naturally coloured (white/brown/grey) – the colours are original as nature intended, and a range of textures are available depending on the breed of sheep used. You can also commisssion 100% (including filling) fleece or wool cushion.

Inspiration behind sheep fleece cushion

Our hand woven sheep fronts are produced from the fleece or wool from our sheep, I prefer to work with fleece (unprocessed wool) as it has a raw/wild or more natural look (showing the product as close to that found on the sheep). The fleece is washed and then hand woven on a simple wooden peg loom to an orginal design. No harmful chemical dyes are used in their production. Shearing is undertaken on welfare grounds and the fleece is a sustainable resource. I have a range of primitive or traditional breeds including Shetland (known for their fine soft fleece) and Herdwicks. The simple process of hand weaving and using sheep fleece in a raw state supports a local cottage industry and maintains the link with old traditions and crafts.

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Dog Hair Cushions 

If like me you have a hairy dog that gets clipped and want to use the hair to make a gift, then contact me to discuss commissioning a cushion or piece of felt that will incorporate your dogs hair.  Felt fabric can be used to make a mobile phone or glasses case for example.  The dog hair would be washed and carded with sheep fleece that can then be woven into a cushion or made into felt.  The perfect gift for a dog lover who has everything, a momento of a long lost 4 legged friend, or an ecological way of using up the tumble weed that develops when you have a constantly casting retriever!  I do not spin, but can provide carded fleece and dog hair that someone could spin into wool to knit up a jumper or scarf.  The options are endless.  

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